Moving On

When you intend to move out, you need to provide us with notice of your intention to leave in writing.

Moving on from a Home Ownership Property

Our leases allow you to sell your home on to another private individual with our approval. This is known as an assignment lease. However, you should inform us of your intention to sell your home so we have the opportunity to nominate a purchaser or buy your lease back, depending on the agreement when you purchased your home. You can inform us by speaking our Sales team.

Selling your lease back to us is known as a surrender lease and may be available in some circumstances. If relevant, the terms under which we will accept the surrender are individually detailed in the lease agreement.

If we do not want to nominate a purchaser and the option of a surrender lease is not available or appropriate, you can use an estate agent to market your property. When you accept an offer you should ask your solicitor or legal advisor to contact Gateway so we can approve the intending new occupier/s. Consent will not be unreasonably withheld or delayed but we would normally expect the prospective purchaser to meet with your estate manager.

Your lease may also contain details of other payments such as exit or transfer fees. Where these apply, they will be detailed individually in your lease and your legal advisors should arrange for them to be paid on completion of the sale.

Death of a Tenant

In the upsetting event of the death of a tenant, the person handling the affairs of the deceased or the executor of the Will, should inform your housing officer at Gateway and they will be able to advise you on the process you should take whether it is to make use of our buy back scheme or sell the property on.

More detailed information is provided by our Sales Team on 020 8709 4300 or via email